Dealz Arabia Draw Result, Today Winners Live 2024

Do you want to become rich overnight? Dealz Arabia Draw brings you a golden opportunity to try your luck and win big prizes. Deals Arabia is an online store in the United Arab Emirates that offers various products, including electronics, fashion, and household items.

One of the store’s unique features is its regular draws that offer customers the chance to win amazing prizes. These draws are open to anyone who buys on the website, and the prizes can range from cash to gadgets and even dream homes.

The Dealz Arabia draw has become a famous way for consumers to not only shop for their favorite products but also to try their luck at winning big. The draws are held regularly, and buyers can participate by purchasing any product on the website. The more products a customer buys, the more entries they get into the draw, improving their chances of winning. The draws are shown live on the website and the Dealz Arabia YouTube channel, adding to the excitement and transparency of the method. Read also Abu Dhabi Big Ticket Winner Today 2024

Dealz Arabia Draw Result

Overall, the Dealz Arabia draw offers consumers a special and exciting shopping adventure. By participating in the draws, customers not only get the opportunity to win amazing prizes but also get to enjoy the wide range of products available on the website. With the draws being held regularly and the prizes being so diverse, it’s no wonder that Dealz Arabia has become so famous among customers in the UAE.

Overview of Dealz Arabia Draw

Registration Steps

Dealz Arabia Draw is a weekly lottery that offers a chance to win luxury prizes and life-changing sums of money. The draw is open to residents of the United Arab Emirates (UAE) who are 18 years or older. Dealz Arabia Draw is organized by DealzArabia Trading LLC a famous online shopping platform in the UAE.

Purpose of the Draw

The purpose of Dealz Arabia Draw is to offer customers an opportunity to win exciting prizes while shopping on the platform. Customers can purchase a ticket for the draw and stand a chance to win luxury prizes such as homes, electronics, and cash prizes. The draw is a way for Dealz Arabia to engage with its customers & reward them for their loyalty.

Eligibility Criteria

To participate in the Dealz Arabia Draw, customers must meet the following eligibility criteria:

  • Be a resident of the UAE
  • Be 18 years or older
  • Have a valid email address and phone number
  • Have a registered account on the Dealz Arabia platform.

Buyers who meet the eligibility criteria can buy a ticket for the draw by visiting the Dealz Arabia website or mobile app. The ticket price changes depending on the prize and draw date. Customers can buy multiple tickets for the same draw to improve their chances of winning.

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Participation Process

To participate in Dealz Arabia Draw, users must first register on their website. The registration process is fast and easy. Users are required to provide their name, email address, and phone number. Once registered, users can access their account dashboard, where they can view their buy history and the number of raffle tickets they have bought.

Ticket Purchase

To buy raffle tickets, users are required to log in to their account and navigate to the “Play & Win” section. There, they can browse through the available products and choose the ones they want to buy. Each product has a certain number of points or raffle entries assigned to it. The more products a user buys, the more raffle entries they get.

Users can also buy raffle tickets directly by navigating to the “Lucky Draw” section and choosing the draw they want to participate in. They can then select the number of raffle tickets they want to buy and proceed to payment.

It is necessary to note that users are required to have sufficient funds in their account to purchase raffle tickets. They can top up their account balance utilizing a credit or debit card, or by using Arabian Points Card. Once the payment is made, users will receive a confirmation email with their raffle ticket numbers.

Prize Structure

Dealz Arabia offers exciting prizes to its clients through its draws. The prizes are divided into two categories: Grand Prizes and Consolation Prizes.

Grand Prizes

The Grand Prizes are the main attraction of the Dealz Arabia Draw. The prizes include cash and gadgets. The cash prizes range from AED 12,500 to AED 100,000. The gadgets include smartphones, laptops, and gaming consoles. The winners of the Grand Prizes are selected through a lucky draw.

Consolation Prizes

The Consolation Prizes are offered to the customers who do not win the Grand Prizes. The prizes include gift vouchers and different small gadgets. The winners of the Consolation Prizes are also chosen through a lucky draw.

The prize structure of the Dealz Arabia Draw is designed to give everyone the possibility to win. The company offers a wide range of prizes to attract customers from all walks of life. The winners are selected randomly, ensuring that the draw is fair and transparent.

Dealz Arabia Lottery Result List Today 2024

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Winner NamePrizeCountryCoupon no:Announced Date
MR.AJAY RAMCash Prize 55,000 AEDIndiaTBADF1173805 Feb, 2024
MS.NIRUTA PARAJULICash Prize 10,000 AEDNepalMQHSF1213402 Feb, 2024
MR.SHAJAN MIACash Prize 10,000 AEDBangladeshAPFMJ805631 Jan, 2024
MR.LOKESH PCash Prize 80,000 AEDIndia- HaryanaMSHDJ2288329 Jan, 2024
MR.SAYEID MOHAMMEDCash Prize 10,000 AEDEgyptASGKJ617226 Jan, 2024
MR.FAZLA RAFIKULCash Prize 10,000 AEDBangladeshMAPHJ1702024 Jan, 2024
MS.AMINA IMBICHICash Prize 55,000 AEDIndiaMAHDJ2594222 Jan, 2024
MR.ABU HASSANCash Prize 10,000 AEDEgyptBAFHJ800619 Jan, 2024
MR.ABDUL MOTALAB TAHAJJODCash Prize 10,000 AEDBangladeshGBPVJ1293917 Jan, 2024
MS.SUNITA SUNILCash Prize 55,000 AEDINDIA-KERALAMSASJ2329415 Jan, 2024
MR.SOLAYMAN HOSENCash Prize 10,000 AEDBangladeshGCVDJ1247612 Jan, 2024
MR.MUZIBOR SHORAF ALICash Prize 55,000 AEDBangladeshDHAPJ2662008 Jan, 2024
MR.SHORAF ALI RAHMANCash Prize 10,000 AEDBangladeshTBADJ5010703 Jan, 2024
MR.RAFIQUL ISLAMCash Prize 55,000 AEDBangladeshTBADJ2619301 Jan, 2024
MR.JALAL UDDINCash Prize 12,500 AEDBangladeshMAHD1071629 Dec, 2023
MS.SHABNA RAHEEMCash Prize 12,500 AEDKuwaitVAHD2294927 Dec, 2023
MR.AHAMAD KHANCash Prize 100,000 AEDBangladeshMSHD2086425 Dec, 2023
MR.SAMEER SHEIKHCash Prize 12,500 AEDAPFD983822 Dec, 2023
MR.RANA MIACash Prize 12,500 AEDBangladeshASGD2288720 Dec, 2023
MR.JAVED HUSSAINCash Prize 60,000 AEDBangladeshMSAD2543718 Dec, 2023

Draw and Announcement

Draw Procedure

Dealz Arabia conducts regular draws for its customers to win exciting prizes. The draw procedure is transparent and fair, ensuring equal chances for all participants. To participate in the draw, customers are required to purchase a product from the Dealz Arabia website or physical stores. Each buy earns the customer a certain number of entries into the draw, depending on the product’s value.

The draws are conducted utilizing a computerized system that randomly chooses the winners from the pool of eligible entries. The draws are held on specific dates, and the winners are announced on the Dealz Arabia website and social media pages. The winning entries are verified to ensure that they comply with the terms and conditions of the draw.

Winner Notification

Once the winners are selected, Dealz Arabia notifies them via email or phone. The winners are needed to respond within a specified time frame to claim their prizes. If a winner fails to respond within the given time, the prize is forfeited, and a new winner is selected from the remaining eligible entries.

The winners’ names are announced on the Dealz Arabia website and social media pages. The winners are also required to provide a photograph and a short testimonial about their experience with Dealz Arabia. These details are utilized for promotional purposes.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I check if I’ve won in the Dealz Arabia draw?

To check if you have won the Dealz Arabia draw, you will be required to visit the official website of Dealz Arabia and navigate to the “Results” section. There, you will find the list of winners for the most recent draw.

Where can I find the list of winners for the most recent Dealz Arabia draw?

You can find the list of winners for the most recent Dealz Arabia draw on the official website of Dealz Arabia. Navigate to the “Results” section to view the list of winners.

What time is the Dealz Arabia draw scheduled to take place today?

The schedule for the Dealz Arabia draw changes frequently, so it is suggested that you check the official website for the latest schedule. The draw is usually held in the evening, and the exact time is announced on the website.

How can I watch the Dealz Arabia draw live?

You can watch the Dealz Arabia draw live on the official website of Dealz Arabia. The draw is usually streamed live on the website, and you can watch it from anywhere in the world.

When is the next scheduled draw for Dealz Arabia?

The schedule for the next scheduled draw for Dealz Arabia can be found on the official website. The schedule changes frequently, so it is recommended that you check the website regularly to stay up-to-date.

Are the results for today’s Dealz Arabia draw available online?

Yes, the results for today’s Dealz Arabia draw are available online on the official website. Navigate to the “Results” section to view the list of winners.

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