2Draws Results Today 2024|| How To Play 2Draws?

In this blog post, we will tell you about 2draws which is popular in Dubai you can participate and win huge prizes, and see the latest 2Draws Results Today.

With this draw, you can win a prize of 25 million dirhams, and you can add two plays when you buy one ticket. Instant Scratch & Win Up To Aed 100,000. Luxury house

2Draws Results Today

How to Play 2Draws?

With the Buy of any unique Pen, you have the chance to Scratch & Win to unlock instant prizes & enter our weekly Super Sunday Draw. You will have to choose 6 out of 49 numbers in the grid for a chance to win 25 million AED in our weekly MEGA Draw. Read also Dream Dubai Draw Result Today 2024

How can I create an account and enter the Super Sunday Draw?

You select “Create Account” on your homepage. Input Your Details and Create a Password Verify your number with an OTP.

What if there are no Grand Prize winners for the Super Sunday Draw, does the amount Change?

If there are no winners, then the top prize for the Grand Draw will remain at AED 25,000,000.

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Can I still win if I only match two or one balls?

No, if you match 2 out of 6 numbers or 1 out of 6 numbers you will not be eligible for a prize.

How much does the Pen Cost?

The pen costs 30 AED Excluding VAT.

Can I play Scratch and Win game before I purchase a Picture?

To Participate in 2Draws, you are required to purchase a picture before playing the Scratch & Win Card.

How do I Contact Support?

You can contact us via email at support@2Draws.com

What Currencies does 2Draws Accept?

All transactions will be charged in UAE Dirham (AED). You can use any credit or debit card in your local currency; however, please note that you will be charged in AED at an exchange rate provided by your card issuer.

Can I Play 2Draw from outside the UAE?

Yes, you can participate, provided you meet our eligibility criteria (please refer to our Terms and Conditions and Rules for 2Draws for further information).

How do I withdraw my winnings? Cash via Exchange

You can withdraw your winning by Inserting your IBAN in the wallet section or Cash via Exchange (Withdrawal fees will be subjected) using you Emirates ID.

Is there a Withdrawal fee?

Withdrawal fees will be subjected in case of transactions below 200 AED or if winnings were sent via exchange mediums.

Will the amount of winnings in Scratch and win transfer instantly?

Yes, upon scratching a winning card, you can choose to claim your wining instantly in the wallet section.

How long does it take for transfer of winnings?

The transfer of Winnings will take around 5 to 7 business days depending on the banking process.

2Draws Results Today Live

Draw Date:28/04/2024

Ticket Numbers: 20-30-41-11-27-2

…. …………….. ………………

Draw Date:21/04/2024

Ticket Numbers: 4-25-40-47-34-21

WINNER OF THE DRAW: Marleo Pasia, Tazammul Hussain, Asad Mohamed, Muhammad Anas, Mahmoud Zarei, Umar Singh, Mohammad Kahn.

….. ……………………………..

Draw Date:14/04/2024

Ticket Numbers: 41-9-47-48-7-3

WINNER OF THE DRAW:Mohammad Rafik kahn, Ali Alfalahi

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How Can I claim my winnings if I live outside the UAE?

You have won the top prize for the Grand Draw (Match six), our Winner Services Manager will contact you to explain the next steps. Due to anti-money laundering rules and regulations, the Match Six prize will only be paid into a UAE bank account, therefore If you reside outside the UAE, you will need to come to the UAE to collect your winning.

Winners of the second prize (Match Five and Four) of the Grand Draw will also be contacted by our Winner Services team to explain the next steps. Due to anti-money laundering rules and regulations, these prizes will only be paid into a bank account. 

If you have won the third prize (Match Three) of the Grand Draw, you can withdraw your winnings at your convenience once your “Winnings Balance” is credited with the relevant funds and you have completed our KYC verification process (if required). 

Scratch & winners will also be contacted by our Winner Services team to explain the next steps if required or else they can transfer their winnings via bank transfer.

All cash prizes will be paid in United Arab Emirates Dirhams (AED). All withdrawal requests will be conducted in AED. You will be liable for all applicable exchange rates, conversion and receiving bank charges if you withdraw your prize outside of the UAE or in a currency other than AED

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