Dream Dubai Draw Result Today 2024 || Dream Dubai Lottery

Check your Dream Dubai Draw Result today down below. Here you can find your latest Dream Dubai Results as soon as they are announced.

Note: The result dates are not fixed as the Dubai Government announces results on the availability of their delegates. Read also O Millionaire Result Today And Winners List Today 

What is the Dream Dubai Draw?

The Dream Dubai is not anything like you’ve seen before. This draw is truly an innovation in itself.

The Dubai Government’s DFRE spearheads Dream Dubai, and it is thrilled to announce the debut of 3 fascinating campaigns designed to transform dreams into life-changing encounters.

This experience is to be gained through a new form of shopping experience. read also Abu Dhabi Big Ticket Winner Today.

Shoppers have the exclusive opportunity to participate in a Dh500,000 cash campaign for the Dream Dubai draw, a unique experience that is leading the way, all for as little as AED50.

This program offers a chance to win a prize through shopping.

Imagine the thrill of winning a G-wagon or an AMG G63 in brilliant blue, the true essence of Dubai, through the Dream Dubai. This is the excitement that awaits our lottery winners.

Not only this, but one lucky winner will get a private hot-air balloon ride for just Dh20, offering the opportunity to make memories that will last a lifetime.

Dream Dubai Draw Winners:

In the table below you can find the names of the latest results of the draw winners; Read also Lucky Hand Results Today

DateTicket NumberNamePrize
12-July- 2024
12-July- 2024DC-00148-018736142Naufal Babu KolathodanAED100,000 Cash
12-July- 2024DC-00150-0185626434Ayman HassabAED15,000 Cash
12-July- 2024DC-00151-018592971Rizwan ChaudhryAED5,000 Cash
12-July- 2024WK-00022-017985111Mohammed Adil ArshakAED5,000 Cash
09-July- 2024DL-00041-019054091Jinna Jabbar100 entries into our AED500,000 campaign
09-July- 2024DC-00143-018263113Saif AlhafetiAED50,000 Cash
09-July- 2024DC-00146-018036361Bryan FloresAED10,000 Cash
09-July- 2024DC-00147-018140543Muhammad SaleemAED5,000 Cash
09-July- 2024DC-00149-018416651Manpreet SinghUSD1,000 Cash
09-July- 2024DW-00022-018530511Naveeda Begum Mission to the Moon – Hunter’s Moon
09-July- 2024DL-00038-0180810721Quratulain Meer100 entries into our AED2,000,000 campaign
09-July- 2024DL-00039-018382131Salama Al Ameri100 entries into our AED500,000 campaign
09-July- 2024DE-00105-018498211Sayed SahajaniPhone 15 Pro Max
09-July- 2024DE-00104-018276452James ComberSamsung S24 Ultra
05-July- 2024DC-00141-018004056Ayman Al-MohamedAED100,000 Cash
05-July- 2024DC-00144-017667333Mohammed FaizaanAED10,000 Cash
05-July- 2024DC-00145-017836231Aftab AlamAED5,000 Cash
05-July- 2024WK-00021-016975621Jabeer MohamedAED5,000 Cash
05-July- 2024DW-00020-017517801Tejas ChityalaBehrens Ultralight Watch or AED15,000 Cash
05-July- 2024DG-00024-017064155Ayoub AlOmari100 Grams of Gold
05-July- 2024DE-00103-017533961Afsal PerumballyiPhone 15 Pro Max
05-July- 2024DE-00102-0171809022Albert GharahpetianThe all-new iPad Pro
02-July- 2024DC-00139-017055841Mohammed KhanAED10,000 Cash
02-July- 2024DC-00142-017286712Riaz Imran Ahmed MargusonAED5,000 Cash
02-July- 2024DL-00037-017147371Ali Aldhanhani 100 entries into our AED2,000,000
02-July- 2024DE-00101-017055202Midhun LalSamsung S24 Ultra
28-June- 2024DC-00136-016575742Gopi Kezhakutt KesavanAED100,000 Cash
28-June- 2024DC-00133-016476381Devvrat Verma AED50,000 Cash
28-June- 2024DC-00135-016404145Myline SantiagoAED5,000 Cash
28-June- 2024WK-00020-016381541Susannah Albert DavidAED5,000 Cash
28-June- 2024DC-00138-017010921Wendy ParungaoUSD1,000 Cash
28-June- 2024DG-00023-016623451Mariane Bueno200 Grams of Gold
28-June- 2024DL-00036-0168200526Biju George100 entries into our AED2,000,000 campaign
28-June- 2024DE-00100-016779471Gigy ThomasiPhone 15 Pro Max
25-June- 2024DC-00134-016206861Lilia TeodoroAED10,000 Cash
25-June- 2024DC-00130-016147851Yasir Wahid AED10,000 Cash
25-June- 2024DW-00019-016502721Shamma KhaledMission to the Moon – Strawberry Moon
25-June- 2024DL-00035-016233542Rajadurai Paulpandi50 entries into our AED2,000,000 campaign
25-June- 2024DE-00098-016186021George Fernandez Samsung S24 Ultra
25-June- 2024DE-00099-016216612Trexie FernandeziPhone 15 Pro Max
25-June- 2024DE-00096-016014831Rais Alam Mohammad RafiqueThe all-new iPad Pro
21-June- 2024DC-00116-015228081Rana Muhammad SaqibAED25,000 Cash
21-June- 2024DC-00116-014332661Taimoor AfzalAED25,000 Cash
21-June- 2024DC-00116-015793821Suresh RamachandraAED25,000 Cash
21-June- 2024DC-00116-015633681Satheesh Chandran AED25,000 Cash
21-June- 2024DC-00116-015761219Radu BerteaAED25,000 Cash
21-June- 2024DC-00116-013496786Banti SinghAED25,000 Cash
21-June- 2024DC-00116-013870671Sanjay SadanandhanAED25,000 Cash
21-June- 2024DC-00116-015436292Ahmad HamoudahAED25,000 Cash
21-June- 2024DC-00116-014111051Julian HaddadAED25,000 Cash
21-June- 2024DC-00116-013576162Ansar AsanarukunjuAED25,000 Cash
21-June- 2024DC-00127-016023212Mohmmad Sharib Sheikh AED100,000 Cash
21-June- 2024DC-00129-0156281688Abdulaziz AbdullaAED15,000 Cash
21-June- 2024DC-00131-015809291Rafeeque Abdulla Kunhi AED5,000 Cash
21-June- 2024WK-00019-015394831Wesam FaresAED5,000 Cash
21-June- 2024DW-00018-015564061Jayaram ChinnathambyMission to the Moon – Harvest Moon
21-June- 2024DE-00097-015755202Willardo IsoniPhone 15 Pro Max
18-June- 2024DA-00004-014811303Ali IsmailKia Carnival Hi-Limousine
18-June- 2024DW-00015-013354241Aroosa AminAP Royal Oak Offshore or AED75,000 Cash
18-June- 2024DC-00126-015311448Omar Al SuwaidiAED10,000 Cash
18-June- 2024DC-00125-015268072Sami HamadAED5,000 Cash
18-June- 2024DC-00128-015632251Muhammed Abdul GaniyhUSD1,000 Cash
18-June- 2024DL-00034-015406132Aamir Rashid50 entries into our AED2,000,000 campaign
18-June- 2024DE-00094-015274631Vysakh ArukettyiPhone 15 Pro Max
18-June- 2024DE-00095-015401471George FernandesiPhone 15 Pro Max
16-June- 2024DC-00103-011511833137Saud AltamimiAED300,000 Cash
16-June- 2024DC-00122-0147533629Muhammad AsifAED100,000 Cash
16-June- 2024DC-00120-014792192Rizwan ChaudhryAED15,000 Cash
16-June- 2024DC-00119-014361361Roy RamosAED10,000 Cash
16-June- 2024DC-00121-014640241Hassan Ismail AbdullaAED5,000 Cash
16-June- 2024WK-00018-014263021Sashi LamaAED5,000 Cash
16-June- 2024DE-00092-014408901Nawaf NaiPhone 15 Pro Max
11-June- 2024DG-00021-013397442Padmajan Raghavan100 Grams of Gold
11-June- 2024DC-00118-014131231Abhishek Joy AED5,000 Cash
11-June- 2024DC-00117-013921671Premkumar Kumar USD1,000 Cash
11-June- 2024DW-00017-014187751Naveen PehlawaniMission to the Neptune – Blue Moon
11-June- 2024DL-00032-014105401Rashid Ponnichi200 entries into our AED300,000 campaign
11-June- 2024DE-00091-014153201Omar AbdullahSamsung S24 Ultra
11-June- 2024DE-00090-014312261Muhammed Rashid PilakkalThe all-new iPad Pro
07-June- 2024DC-00113-0133700529Dhananjay ShettyAED100,000 Cash
07-June- 2024DC-00114-013432041Mohanan Pillai AED10,000 Cash
07-June- 2024WK-00017-013358202Yasin Shaikh AED5,000 Cash
07-June- 2024DL-00031-013951721Ali Rahsid100 entries into our AED500,000 campaign
07-June- 2024Teresa Mae ParagosoDE-00089-013806521iPhone 15 Pro Max
04-June- 2024DW-00008-0067669340Eid Ali 1 of 50 Hublot Classic Fusion ‘Black Magic’
04-June- 2024DC-00110-013200354Mohammad BilalAED15,000 Cash
04-June- 2024DC-00112-013305893Carol RabinoAED5,000 Cash
04-June- 2024DC-00111-013230911Khuram ShafiqUSD1,000 Cash
04-June- 2024DG-00020-012850801Omar Alhemeiri100 Grams of Gold
04-June- 2024DL-00029-012944251Rayees Mt 200 entries into our AED500,000 campaign
04-June- 2024DW-00016-013329891Aftab AlamMission to the Moon – Cold Moon
04-June- 2024DL-00030-013246821Maricel Concepcion 100 entries into our AED300,000 campaign
04-June- 2024DE-00086-013127801Suri Babu GopiiPhone 15 Pro Max
04-June- 2024DE-00087-013306611Aafaq YounasThe all-new iPad Pro
04-June- 2024DE-00088-013280733Jose Luis Delas AlasSamsung S24 Ultra
31-May- 2024DC-00074-006555233Mahran KasabbashiAED1,000,000 Cash
31-May- 2024DC-00105-012513902Anwar HussainAED100,000 Cash
31-May- 2024DC-00108-0123496015Maribel AquinoAED10,000 Cash
31-May- 2024DC-00109-012820291Faizur RahmanAED5,000 Cash
31-May- 2024WK-00016-012511551Bilal Abdu SeidAED5,000 Cash
31-May- 2024DW-00014-012494531Andrea GregorioMission to the Moon – Beaver Moon
31-May- 2024DE-00085-012516411Mohammad AlfalasiiPhone 15 Pro Max
31-May- 2024DE-00084-012410841Abdul MuthalibSamsung S24 Ultra
29-May- 2024DC-00088-012295991Isuru RupasingheAED1,000 Cash
29-May- 2024DC-00088-010806991Muhammad Wael AsfariAED1,000 Cash
29-May- 2024DC-00088-011170932Latika RathoreAED1,000 Cash
29-May- 2024DC-00088-009076152Joel JosephAED1,000 Cash
29-May- 2024DC-00088-0117367610Stanjo George VarkeyAED1,000 Cash
29-May- 2024DC-00088-008979153Amit KumarAED1,000 Cash
29-May- 2024DC-00088-012389971Prathima Sunil Kumar MadavuAED1,000 Cash
29-May- 2024DC-00088-009094269Bryan FloresAED1,000 Cash
29-May- 2024DC-00088-0115357411Sami AljoharAED1,000 Cash
29-May- 2024DC-00088-012403472Jeanievic AmitAED1,000 Cash
29-May- 2024DC-00088-012525688Khalid AlnaqbiAED1,000 Cash
29-May- 2024DC-00088-0119998515Nourhan FakhouryAED1,000 Cash
29-May- 2024DC-00088-012091607Mehul Vijaykumar Mehul VijaykumarAED1,000 Cash
29-May- 2024DC-00088-012555131Subin SudhakaranAED100,000 Cash
28-May- 2024DC-00104-011875481Adel Abdul Razack AED10,000 Cash
28-May- 2024DC-00107-012240881Moideen Kunchi NDC-00104-011875481izar AED5,000 Cash
28-May- 2024DC-00106-012226821Shanmughan GopalanUSD1,000 Cash
28-May- 2024DL-00028-012291782Marites Manangan100 entries into our AED500,000 campaign
28-May- 2024DE-00082-012108904Badar Al Balushi iPhone 15 Pro Max
28-May- 2024DE-00083-011908162Muhammad TufailApple Watch Ultra 2
24-May- 2024DC-00100-0118993525Elie TarabayAED100,000 Cash
24-May- 2024DC-00099-010944361Shazia BanoAED30,000 Cash
24-May- 2024WK-00015-011146881Muhammed Adlan UvaisAED5,000 Cash
24-May- 2024DC-00102-011737182Mudassar AliAED5,000 Cash
24-May- 2024DG-00019-0109426113Jees Babu Thekkan 100 Grams of Gold
24-May- 2024DL-00027-011942821Deab Almdour100 entries into our AED1,000,000 campaign
24-May- 2024DE-00081-011603621Amna MohammediPhone 15 Pro Max
21-May- 2024DW-00011-011321856Ali Hassan AED50,000 Cash
21-May- 2024DC-00101-011317841Mohammad Azam BalochAED10,000 Cash
21-May- 2024DW-00013-011270071Nitesh SughnaniMission to the Moon – Sturgeon Moon
21-May- 2024DL-00026-011314111Molina Kalyani100 entries into our AED500,000 campaign
21-May- 2024DE-00080-011170131Haneefa KaringapparaiPhone 15 Pro Max
21-May- 2024DE-00078-0105991716Hossain MohammedSamsung S24 Ultra
21-May- 2024DE-00079-010938251Indran TuwanApple Watch Ultra 2
17-May- 2024DC-00096-010674075Mdabdul SattarAED100,000 Cash
17-May- 2024DC-00097-010306802Mohammad Imam HussainAED15,000 Cash
17-May- 2024DC-00098-010565221Ali KaliyekkalAED10,000 Cash
17-May- 2024WK-00014-010099462Maritess Macula AED5,000 Cash
17-May- 2024DW-00012-010452741Prateek Goel Mission to the Moon – Flower Moon
17-May- 2024DL-00025-010739921Sunil Paswan100 entries into our AED1,000,000 campaign
17-May- 2024DE-00077-010482071Baha Saadi iPhone 15 Pro Max
14-May- 2024DG-00018-0098043811Odi Issa100 Grams of Gold
14-May- 2024DC-00094-009815553Easa AlmatrooshiAED20,000 Cash
14-May- 2024DC-00093-009862697Khalid AlnaqbiAED5,000 Cash
14-May- 2024DC-00095-009890831Mohammed Jasedul HoqueUSD1,000 Cash
14-May- 2024DL-00024-010323361Tahereh Zehtaban100 entries into our AED1,000,000 campaign
14-May- 2024DL-00023-010017142Arshad Mechara100 entries into our AED500,000 campaign
14-May- 2024DE-00075-0102117221Hossain MohammediPhone 15 Pro Max
14-May- 2024DE-00076-01007678592Ayman IbrahimApple Watch Ultra 2
10-May- 2024DC-00087-009651001Mukta Bahadur Balal AED100,000 Cash
10-May- 2024DC-00090-009285023Mohamed Alqydi AED15,000 Cash
10-May- 2024DC-00092-009593581Salma KasimAED10,000 Cash
10-May- 2024WK-00013-009082271Oliver Bryan LunaAED5,000 Cash
10-May- 2024DC-00091-009441012Arjun ChhabraAED5,000 Cash
10-May- 2024DG-00017-008784272Tawfeeq Almarzooqi100 Grams of Gold
10-May- 2024DL-00022-009337761Yehia Ali 100 entries into our AED1,000,000 campaign
10-May- 2024DE-00074-009749091Dafallah Alhadi Yusuf Samsung S24 Ultra
07-May- 2024DA-00002-001119793Yulia TopchiySuzuki Jimny – Brabus 800 Edition
07-May- 2024DC-00085-008353401Mohammad HelalAED50,000 Cash
07-May- 2024DC-00086-0086285041Laith YounesAED25,000 Cash
07-May- 2024DW-00009-008619981Oklyanto Usman AED20,000 Cash
07-May- 2024DC-00084-008452737Mohammed Faisal KhanAED15,000 Cash
07-May- 2024WK-00012-007920571Sreejith RameshAED5,000 Cash
07-May- 2024DC-00089-00903561150Ayman IbrahimAED5,000 Cash
07-May- 2024DL-00021-008963751Russel Araujo100 entries into our AED1,000,000 campaign
07-May- 2024DL-00020-008694079Mohammed Shafi100 entries into our AED500,000 campaign
07-May- 2024DE-00071-0083697714Zakir HusainiPhone 15 Pro Max
07-May- 2024DE-00073-009238691Pradeep James ThudiparaiPhone 15 Pro Max
07-May- 2024DE-00072-008973411Ata Mohammad Hossein MohajeriSamsung S24 Ultra
07-May- 2024DE-00069-008211101Majid Al AliSamsung S24 Ultra
30-April-2024DC-00077-007180631Nikin AlakkaiAED20,000 Cash
30-April-2024DG-00016-006954732Fazalwahab Islam gul 200 Grams of Gold
30-April-2024DC-00081-0079257414Rizwan ChaudhryAED10,000 Cash
30-April-2024DC-00083-00809030130David Luzuriaga AED5,000 Cash
30-April-2024DC-00082-007862242Pradeep Premachandran pillaiAED5,000 Cash
30-April-2024DW-00010-0080161715Eid Ali Mission to the Moonphase
30-April-2024DL-00019-008015812Arish Majhi100 entries into our AED1,000,000 campaign
30-April-2024DE-00068-007955633Munzar AhmediPhone 15 Pro Max
30-April-2024DE-00067-007766261frelyn acevedaSamsung S24 Ultra
30-April-2024DE-00070-008178672Albert GharahpetianApple Watch Ultra 2
26-April-2024DC-00066-006166805Suhail VelliyathAED100,000 Cash
26-April-2024DC-00079-007066114Farah AbdulhadiAED15,000 Cash
26-April-2024DC-00078-0069859534Khalil AhmedAED10,000 Cash
26-April-2024DC-00080-007208172Muhammad Ali AfifiAED5,000 Cash
26-April-2024WK-00011-006982641Siddiq AbdallaAED5,000 Cash
26-April-2024DW-00007-006684401Zakir HusainMission to the Moonphase
26-April-2024DL-00017-007031601Muhammad Awais50 entries into our AED1,000,000 campaign
26-April-2024DL-00018-007770018Madeline Lansangan100 entries into our AED500,000
26-April-2024DE-00063-006811731Fathollah Nasrollah iPhone 15 Pro Max
26-April-2024DE-00066-007113141Sajid MallickiPhone 15 Pro Max
26-April-2024DE-00065-00697607117Munzar AhmedSamsung S24 Ultra
26-April-2024DE-00064-006822311Sudipto BanerjeeApple Watch Ultra 2
22-April-2024DC-00070-006735756Keihan ForouhariAED50,000 Cash
22-April-2024DC-00067-0062477349Mujeeb AktharAED30,000 Cash
22-April-2024DC-00071-006503861Shakir KundilAED15,000 Cash
22-April-2024DC-00073-006524731Venkateswaran BalakrishnanAED10,000 Cash
22-April-2024DC-00076-006662232Jafar MohammedAED10,000 Cash
22-April-2024DC-00068-006305321Shanavas T SAED10,000 Cash
22-April-2024DC-00072-006393601Azmath MohammedAED5,000 Cash
22-April-2024DC-00069-006210991Abubakar MughalAED5,000 Cash
22-April-2024WK-00010-006602121Mohammad JawedAED5,000 Cash
22-April-2024DG-00015-006361582Raulito Jr Venerable100 Grams of Gold
22-April-2024DL-00016-006142051Jaipal Nishad50 entries into our Suzuki Jimny campaign
22-April-2024DE-00061-006409551Subair Abdul ARahiman AlungalSamsung S24 Ultra
22-April-2024DE-00060-006332411Rassal RafeekiPhone 15 Pro Max
22-April-2024DE-00062-006782321Bushan JoshiiPhone 15 Pro Max
22-April-2024DE-00059-006247171Farhan HadirApple Watch Ultra 2
12-April-2024DC-00063-005871662Syed AleemAED25,000 Cash
12-April-2024DA-00003-0025975010Amna MousaMercedes-Benz A 200
12-April-2024DC-00064-00591225313Michael RoblesAED15,000 Cash
12-April-2024DC-00065-006055791Pricia RetritaAED10,000 Cash
12-April-2024DC-00061-005813874Abdulla AbdulrahmanAED10,000 Cash
12-April-2024WK-00009-005410771Mary Grace DidalAED5,000 Cash
12-April-2024DG-00014-005698621Sujith Saidali100 Grams of Gold
12-April-2024DE-00056-005955741Rami YoussefiPhone 15 Pro Max
12-April-2024DE-00055-005808511Md Saiful IslamiPhone 15 Pro Max
12-April-2024DE-00058-0060637414Mujeeb AkthariPhone 15 Pro Max
12-April-2024DE-00057-006041783Mustafa W. MD.Samsung S24 Ultra
12-April-2024DE-00054-005656591Deepu DivakaranSamsung S24 Ultra
11-April-2024DC-00052-005382695Abdulrahman AlshehhiAED300,000 Cash
11-April-2024DC-00058-005626412Hashif Ali MAED50,000 Cash
11-April-2024DC-00060-0055371533Ayman HassabAED10,000 Cash
11-April-2024DC-00062-0060104128Mohammed Ilyas HussainAED5,000 Cash
11-April-2024DC-00059-005542101Nitin NairAED5,000 Cash
11-April-2024DW-00006-0055372016Ayman HassabBlancpain X Swatch Pacific Ocean
11-April-2024DE-00053-005528161Falah AlkhooriiPhone 15 Pro Max
10-April-2024DC-00026-004798913Wisam ShukairAED500,000 Cash
10-April-2024DC-00057-0053451610Aya GhouiliAED10,000 Cash
10-April-2024WK-00008-004879241Glecy SantillanAED5,000 Cash
10-April-2024DG-00013-005153231Omar Faruk100 Grams of Gold
10-April-2024DL-00015-005337601Abdurahman Abdu50 entries into our Suzuki Jimny campaign
10-April-2024DE-00052-005229401Najeen MoidunnyiPhone 15 Pro Max
10-April-2024DE-00051-005148561Umair KhanSamsung S24 Ultra
02-04-2024DC-00056-0052156418Hassan Raza 15,000 AED Cash
02-04-2024DC-00055-005033551Sasikumar Chandroth Pathinhare Veetil10,000 AED Cash
02-04-2024DC-00054-004886281Nadeem Ahmed Ansari5,000 AED Cash
02-04-2024DW-00005-0050219411Ahmed Jassim AlsawadMission to the Moon Phase
02-04-2024DL-00014-005136127Rod Baloto100 entries into 500,000 AED Campaign
02-04-2024DE-00050-0050353913Abdul Hameed MalikiPhone 15 Pro Max

How to Participate in Dream Dubai Lottery :

It’s really simple to take part in the Dream Dubai. After downloading the Dream Dubai App, you must purchase Modesh shopping cards, which can be redeemed instantly at the Modesh online or physical store. The store has the newest stylish clothing collections for men, women, and children.read also Lucky Shop Result Today

Using these shopping cards, you can participate in the campaign of your choice, and your chances of winning increase with each transaction.

The Dream Dubai Lottery is a popular way to win big prizes, including luxury cars and cash. To participate, you need to purchase a ticket from an authorized retailer or online. The cost of the ticket varies depending on the prize pool but typically ranges from 50 AED to 500 AED. The winning numbers are drawn at random, and the results are announced on the official Dream Dubai website and social media channels.

Dream Dubai Draw Tickets price and Prizes:

You will need to buy shopping cards that are available on the Platform in order to join a draw on the Platform.

In order to participate you can shop for as little as 50 AED to get into the campaign.

After your purchase, you will get a ticket to enter a draw. The results of the Draw will determine whether you receive the extravagant Dream Dubai Prizes.

Also, a point to be noted is that once tickets are bought, they are neither refundable nor transferable.

Reviews of the Dream Dubai App

According to user reviews, the Dream Dubai app is user-friendly and offers a wide range of features. Users enjoy the ability to book activities and make reservations directly from the app, as well as personalized advice based on their preferences.

To verify the authenticity of the Dream Dubai app, make sure to download it from the official app store, such as the Apple App Store or Google Play Store. The app should be listed under the name “Dream Dubai” and have the official logo and branding. If you have any doubts or concerns, contact the Dream Dubai customer service team for assistance.

Dream Dubai Draw Results:

Every Dream Dubai Draw has a different duration, and for those who have “sold out” at least 24 hours in advance of the draw day, the prizes can be awarded on any day of the week.

Unless authorized by a government authority, the Draw must take place in front of a government official.

As a result, the outcomes of any Draw are not open to user negotiation, intervention, challenge, or dispute.

The availability of the government delegate will determine the draw date.

The government representative chooses the winners of the Dream Dubai draw, and they are informed on the day of the Draw.

Unless you specifically notify us in writing before the Draw, the names of the winners may also be announced in the local and regional press or on social media.

Dream Dubai Lottery Claiming the Prize:

If you’re the lucky winner and reside in the United Arab Emirates, you can pick up your prize from our location within 60 days. Just remember to bring any proper identification that we, in our sole discretion, may deem necessary.

If the prize is not claimed within this window of time, Dream Dubai will no longer be liable for it and will instead turn the prize over to the relevant government agency.

If a winner does not live in the United Arab Emirates, we will either ship the prize for free to the winner’s home country by air or land.

The winner will be responsible for and bear the expense of collecting from the port and clearing customs and the port.

Dream Dubai Draw Review:

Dream Dubai Draw is a unique lottery experience that provides the lucky winners a chance to avail all the luxuries of what it takes to live a dream-like life in Dubai. Each and every campaign has extremely amazing cash prizes for luxury cars and phones. It’s worth it!

Frequently Asked Questions

How can one check the latest Dream Dubai draw results?

To check the latest Dream Dubai draw results, one can visit the official Dream Dubai website or check the Dream Draw Results website. The results are posted on these platforms as soon as they are available.

Where can one watch the Dream Dubai results live?

One can watch the Dream Dubai results live on the Dream Draw Results website. The website streams the draw live, allowing players to watch the draw as it happens.

What are the prize amounts for the most recent Dream Dubai lottery?

The prize amounts for the most recent Dream Dubai lottery vary depending on the game and the number of winners. The prize amounts are generally announced alongside the draw results.

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