National Draw UAE Result Today LIVE 2024

Friends, in this blog post we will tell you about National Draw UAE and their National Draw UAE Result Today LIVE. This lottery is from Dubai which is becoming more and more popular and you can participate in it and get a chance to win big prizes and win pure gold in it. You will have to pay AED 1 by participating in this draw 3, in which you will be added to a drama and there are many more modules that you can see in this list.

The competition has three kinds of draws: daily thrill draws, weekly booster draws, and monthly bumper draws. The daily thrill draws are conducted every day for 360 days, the weekly booster draws are conducted every seven days of the cycle, and the monthly bumper draws are conducted every 30 days of the cycle. Each draw has one winner, and the prizes grow as the months progress. Read also O Millionaire Result Today And Winners List Today

National Draw UAE Result

What Is National Draw UAE

National Draw uae is a famous lottery of UAE, in this, you have to buy a Pen which is worth 1 Dharm, and along with your pen you will be given a seed Capsule which you have to plant in the ground, that seed will grow into a tree which is the mission of the lottery. Participants can join the raffle by purchasing products from 1 AED to 360 AED but you must complete the campaign or should spend AED 360 in order to collect the winning prize. The Draw will be conducted for 360 days starting from 05 May 2024 to 29 April 2025. read also Dream Dubai Draw Result Today

How To Participate In National Draw UAE

It is very easy for you to buy tickets in National Draw UAE, there are some steps that I am going to tell you, and if you follow them, you can get Basani tickets. read also Lucky Hand Results Today 2024

Step 1: First you have to create an account if created then you have to log in to it.

Step 2: they can navigate to the Buy Now page and select the desired products, which range in price from AED 1 to AED 360.

Step 3:Customers can then select (AED 1, AED 7, AED 30, AED 360) to either collect their products from the store or have them delivered by filling in the necessary shipping details.

Step 4: customers can review their cart and proceed to checkout by clicking on “Buy Now”. At this point,

Step 5: customers can select their preferred payment option. You can use any debit/credit card, or gift card coupon codes to make the payment.

Step 6: Once payment has been made, customers will receive a notification via SMS, WhatsApp, or email confirming their order.

Step 7: Each purchased product will give customers up to 12 free entries into three extra draws: the Daily Thrill Draw, the Weekly Booster Draw, and the Monthly Bumper Draw.

Step 8: Watch our Draws every day at 7 PM (UAE time) on our official YouTube channel & Facebook page.

The Daily Thrill Draw offers a prize of 2 GM at AED 1, the Weekly Booster Draw offers 24 GM at AED 7, and the Monthly Bumper Draw offers 137 GM at AED 30. Additionally, customers can purchase an annual package for 11473 GM at AED 360, which includes 11 more Raffle IDs.

  • Prize for Daily Thrill – 2 GM @ AED 1
  • Prize for Weekly Booster – 24 GM @ AED 7
  • Prize for Monthly Bumper – 137 GM @ AED 30
  • Prize for Annual Package – 11473 GM @ AED 360 with an extra 11 more Raffle IDs.

UAE National Draw Prizes Details

The contest has three types of draws: daily thrill draws, weekly booster draws, and monthly bumper draws. The daily thrill draws are conducted every day for 360 days, the weekly booster draws are conducted every seven days of the cycle, and the monthly bumper draws are conducted every 30 days of the cycle. Each draw has one winner, and the prizes increase as the months progress.

National Draw UAE Result
(Incremental Prizes(1 Winner/Day)
WEEKLY Booster
(Incremental Prizes(1 Winner/Week)
Incremental Prizes(1 Winner/Month)
Month 12 Grams Gold/per dayTotal Prize: 52 Grams Gold
10 Grams Gold (on 07th Day)
12 Grams Gold (on 14th Day)
14 Grams Gold (on 21st Day)
16 Grams Gold (on 28th Day)
25 Grams Gold (on 30th Day)
Month 24 Grams Gold/per dayTotal Prize: 84 Grams Gold
18 Grams Gold (on 35th Day)
20 Grams Gold (on 42nd Day)
22 Grams Gold (on 49th Day)
24 Grams Gold (on 56th Day)
50 Grams Gold (on 60th Day)
Month 36 Grams Gold/per dayTotal Prize: 116 Grams Gold
26 Grams Gold (on 63rd Day)
28 Grams Gold (on 70th Day)
30 Grams Gold (on 77th Day)
32 Grams Gold (on 84th Day)
100 Grams Gold (on 90th Day)
Month 48 Grams Gold/per dayTotal Prize: 190 Grams Gold
34 Grams Gold (on 91st Day)
36 Grams Gold (on 98th Day)
38 Grams Gold (on 105th Day)
40 Grams Gold (on 112th Day)
42 Grams Gold (on 119th Day)
150 Grams Gold (on 120th Day
Month 510 Grams Gold/per dayTotal Prize: 188 Grams Gold

44 Grams Gold (on 126th Day)
46 Grams Gold (on 133rd Day)
48 Grams Gold (on 140th Day)
50 Grams Gold (on 147th Day)
200 Grams Gold (on 150th Day)
Month 6 12 Grams Gold/per dayTotal Prize: 220 Grams Gold

52 Grams Gold (on 154th Day)
54 Grams Gold (on 161st Day)
56 Grams Gold (on 168th Day)
58 Grams Gold (on 175th Day)
250 Grams Gold (on 180th Day)
Month 714 Grams Gold/per dayTotal Prize: 252 Grams Gold
60 Grams Gold (on 182nd Day)
62 Grams Gold (on 189th Day)
64 Grams Gold (on 196th Day)
66 Grams Gold (on 203rd Day)
300 Grams Gold (on 210th Day)
Month 816 Grams Gold/per dayTotal Prize: 360 Grams Gold

68 Grams Gold (on 210th Day)
70 Grams Gold (on 217th Day)
72 Grams Gold (on 224th Day)
74 Grams Gold (on 231st Day)
76 Grams Gold (on 238th Day)
350 Grams Gold (on 240th Day)
Month 918 Grams Gold/per dayTotal Prize: 324 Grams Gold

78 Grams Gold (on 245th Day)
80 Grams Gold (on 252nd Day)
82 Grams Gold (on 259th Day)
84 Grams Gold (on 266th Day)
400 Grams Gold (on 270th Day)
Month 1020 Grams Gold/per dayTotal Prize: 356 Grams Gold

86 Grams Gold (on 273rd Day)
88 Grams Gold (on 280th Day)
90 Grams Gold (on 287th Day)
92 Grams Gold (on 294th Day)
450 Grams Gold (on 300th Day)
Month 1122 Grams Gold/per dayTotal Prize: 488 Grams Gold

94 Grams Gold (on 301st Day)
96 Grams Gold (on 308th Day)
98 Grams Gold (on 315th Day)
100 Grams Gold (on 322nd Day)
100 Grams Gold (on 329th Day)
500 Grams Gold (on 330th Day)
Month 12
24 Grams Gold/per dayTotal Prize: 400 Grams Gold
100 Grams Gold (on 336th Day)
100 Grams Gold (on 343rd Day)
100 Grams Gold (on 350th Day)
100 Grams Gold (on 357th Day)
1000 Grams Gold (on 360th Day)
  • Daily Thrill Draws are conducted every day for throughout 360 days (a total of 360 draws)
  • Weekly Booster draws are conducted every 7 days of the cycle (total 51 draws)
    *Monthly Bumper Draw is conducted every 30 days of the cycle (total 12 draws)

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National Draw UAE Winners

DrawDay WinnerNationalityWONRaffle ID
WEEKLY Booster WINNER7Verna Lisa LerioPhilippines10 Grams GoldND00100701
DAILY Thrill WINNER7Naveed AkbarPakistan2 Grams GoldND00680603
DAILY Thrill WINNER6MoothedathIndia2 Grams GoldND00348606
DAILY Thrill WINNER1Md Morshedul AlamBangladesh2 Grams GoldND00334801
DAILY Thrill WINNER2Biju ChandranIndia2 Grams GoldND00488801
DAILY Thrill WINNER3Vibin VenugopalanIndia2 Grams GoldND00473201
DAILY Thrill WINNER4NagoorganiIndia2 Grams GoldND00474701
DAILY Thrill WINNER5Neeraj DevnaniIndia2 Grams GoldND00285601

What are the eligibility criteria for participating in the UAE National Draw?

To participate in the UAE National Draw, one needs to be a resident of the UAE and hold a valid Emirates ID. The minimum age requirement for participation is 18+ years.

What is a Ticket?

A Ticket consists of up to 12 Raffle IDs.

What is a Raffle ID?

The Raffle ID is generated for the purchased product. These Raffle IDs are eligible for the respective draws assigned to them, with a maximum of 12 Raffle IDs generated in one ticket for the purchased products.

What is the minimum amount to participate in the National draw?

You only have to spend AED 1 to start participating.

When are the Daily Thrill Draws conducted?

The Daily Thrill Draws are conducted every day at 7:00 PM UAE time for 360 consecutive days.

 When are the Weekly Booster Draws conducted?

The Weekly Booster Draws are conducted every 7th day of a consecutive cycle for a maximum of 360 days (i.e. 51 Weeks).

When are the Monthly Bumper Draws conducted?

The Monthly Bumper Draws are conducted every 30th day of a consecutive cycle for a maximum of 360 days (i.e. 12 Months).

How can I contact customer service?

You can contact our customer service team by dialing +971 48839177 or via WhatsApp at +971 48839177. Alternatively, you can write an email to during our business hours. Our customer service representatives will be happy to assist you with any questions or concerns you may have.

When was the first Raffle Draw has been conducted?

The first Raffle Draw was conducted on the 5th of May 2024.

 How many Raffle Draws are there in the National Draw?

National Draw includes a total of 423 draws, consisting of 360 Daily Thrill Draws, 51 Weekly Booster Draws, and 12 Monthly Bumper Draws.

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