Emirates Draw Pick 1 Results Today

See our latest Emirates Draw Pick 1 Results Today below, along with all the details of the Pick 1 draw. You will have excellent gameplay thanks to this advice, which will also guarantee you a fantastic lottery win.

What is the Emirates Draw Pick 1?

Players from all around the world may win daily prizes of up to 200,025 AED in the Emirates Draw PICK1 game. Ticket prices start at just 5 AED, so participants may choose their favorite sign or signs and get in on the action.

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Emirates Draw Pick 1 Results Today

Gameplay Draw Pick 1

The gameplay of Draw Pick 1 Emirates Draw involves the purchase of products and/or services through the Platform, which can be obtained for AED 5 each, or any other amount that the company may decide upon at our discretion.

Emirates Draw Pick 1 Results Today

Buyers can double their winnings in whatever way they like to boost their winning amount. AED 5 (Five Dirhams) is the fee for each multiplier, and the maximum number of times an entry may be multiplied is two thousand (2,000).

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How to play Emirates Draw Pick 1?

  1. Register or log in to your account.
  2. Figure out how many pencils you want to buy.
  3. Select a symbol for each ticket from 1 to 36. If not, pick a sign for yourself by clicking the “RANDOMISE” symbol at the top of the ticket.
  4. You win, the higher the multiplier is!
  5. You may pay with any debit or credit card, BOUNZ points, or the money in your Emirates Draw wallet.
  6. You will receive an email verifying your participation in the DRAW as soon as the payment is completed.
  7. Now, take a seat back and watch our website, YouTube channel, Instagram page, and Facebook page for the daily outcome at 7:30 PM UAE time.

Draw Pick 1 Prize

  • Each entry that matches the drawn icon in the draw becomes a winning entry.
  • The prize money is computed by multiplying the multiplier used at the time of purchase by twenty (20) and is announced at the draw.

Emirates Draw Pick 1 Results

Check out the latest results of Emirates Draw Pick 1 below:

DateTotal Prize AEDWinning Sign (Number)Winners
14/7/24AED 51,2009161
13/7/24AED 32,80032140
12/7/24AED 25,70020124
11/7/24AED 41,30017151
10/7/24AED 39,60013199
09/7/24AED 12,7003192
08/7/24AED 41,60016171
07/7/24AED 33,60033161
06/7/24AED 22,00024111
05/7/24AED 28,70011171
04/7/24AED 19,30018113
03/7/24AED 36,70027137
02/7/24AED 32,8005139
01/7/24AED 25,10010135

Claiming Prize

Emirates Draw retains the right to use its Know Your Customer (KYC) procedures to verify the customer, including possible cross-referencing with the International Embargo and Sanctions List.

In addition, before receiving a Prize, You could be asked to submit complete identification verification or a legal statement confirming your ownership, entitlement, and compliance with relevant laws.

The official Winning Numbers of the relevant Draw are used to determine prize distribution, in accordance with Emirates Draw regulations; results from previous drawings will not be taken into account.

The Grand Prizes have to be picked up in person in the United Arab Emirates. A check or bank transfer to a UAE bank account will be used for payment.

After payment by Emirates Draw, its officers, employees, representatives, contractors, or any other approved person or company, the Claimant (or their designated agent) shall be completely and effectively released from any future obligation to pay the Prize.

Under no circumstances will any Prize be subject to interest payments.

Except in situations where the claimant is an individual with a physical, legal, or other handicap, prizes will only be awarded in full to the registered holder of the Account containing the winning Entry; in such cases, the prize may be given to the claimant’s authorized agent.

The planned Prize payments will be given to the authorized Winner’s lawful heirs and successors in the event of their death, provided that the firm receives and accepts appropriate proof.

All cash prizes will be awarded to the winning entry in United Arab Emirates Dirhams at the final amount determined by us.

The Grand Prize Prizes will only be put into a UAE bank account in order to comply with anti-money laundering requirements (an Authorized Financial Institution can assist with account setup if necessary).


Q1.Is there a minimum age requirement to participate in PICK1?

Participants must be 18 years or above to play PICK1, like other Emirate Draw games.

Q2.Are there any restrictions on who can participate in PICK1?

The only requirements are to be 18 years or older and playing from countries not blacklisted.

Q3.How do I enter the Emirates Draw PICK1 Draw?

To play, register through our website or app. Once registered, select your preferred sign(s), and enter the draw with a minimum entry value of AED 5. If your sign matches the ‘Sign of the Day’, you will receive 20 times your entry value.

Q4.How many PICK1 winners are there each week?

There is no limit, anyone who matches the ‘Sign of the Day’ will be considered a winner.

Q5.How can I check if I am a PICK1 winner?

You can view the ‘Sign of the Day’ on the website, app, and social media channels. Any winning amounts will be added to your Winning Balance.

Q6.What is the daily limit for spending on entries in PICK1?

The daily limit per entry is AED 10,000.

Q7.How do I match signs in PICK1?

To win, you will need to match your selected sign with the ‘Sign of the Day’, which is chosen by our Random Number Generator (RNG) system. Your prize is based on your entry value. The greater your entry value, the more you win!

Q8.Is there a Grand Prize in PICK1?

PICK1 is a unique draw where you can win up to AED 200,000 daily. All you have to do is select your preferred sign(s), and if your sign matches the ‘Sign of the Day,’ you win 20 times your entry value. The minimum entry value per sign is AED 5, and the maximum is AED 10,000.

For example, if you place an amount of AED 10,000 on your lucky sign and that sign matches the ‘Sign of the Day,’ you win 20 times your entry value, i.e., AED 10,000 x 20 = AED 200,000.

Q9.How do I select my sign?

Log on to www.emiratesdraw.com. Click on ‘Buy Now’ in the links panel and select the PICK1 draw. Choose your lucky sign(s).

You could:

1) Manually pick your sign or

2) Use the ‘Quick Pick’ option for the system to randomly select one for you.

Q10.Where can I view my entries?

You can check the sign(s) you selected and the respective entry value(s) through the ‘Active Orders’ section in ‘My Account’ on www.emiratesdraw.com.

Q11.Will there be a live show for PICK1?

There will be no live shows for PICK1.

Q12.When is the daily winning sign for PICK1 selected?

The daily cut-off time to play is 7:00 PM UAE TIME, and the ‘Sign of the Day’ will be announced daily at 7:30 PM UAE TIME on the Emirates Draw website, app, and social media channels.

Q13.What is the prize for the PICK1 winner?

If your selected lucky sign matches the ‘Sign of the Day’, you will receive 20 times your entry value.

For example, if you place an amount of AED 10,000 on your lucky sign and that sign matches the ‘Sign of the Day,’ you win 20 times your entry value, i.e., AED 10,000 x 20 = AED 200,000.

Q14.What is the latest time to enter the current PICK1 draw?

Daily entry to PICK1 closes at 7 PM UAE time. Entries made after this cut-off time will be included in the next day’s draw.

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