Mahzooz Draw Temporarily Closed From 1 January 2024 | Why Closed Mahzooz Lottery

Friends, in this blog post, I am going to tell you why the Mahzooz draw has been closed and how long it will be closed. The reason for the temporary closure of the Mahzooz Draw is due to the Commercial Gaming Regulation Authority (GCGRA) United Arab Emirates, which has caused them to be closed.

There will be goals to follow and just ready to follow the rules and the platform will be open very soon for an enthusiast like you. You can withdraw winning money now there is no limit, earlier there was a limit of 200 dirhams, but now it has been removed, and you can cash out as much as your winning balance.

Emirates Draw CPS Many Geos
Mahzooz Draw Temporarily Closed

The CEO of the Mahzooz Draw says that we are going to open the Mahzooz Draw very soon which will take us some time because the draw has been temporarily closed due to the new rules and regulations of the UAE. Very soon Mahzooz draw portal will open and you can buy tickets and try your luck.

Why is Mahzooz pausing its operations?

In compliance with applicable commercial gaming regulations, Mahzooz will temporarily pause operations from January 1st, 2024. The pause is a result of an industry-wide mandate consistent with the Regulators’ new role to create a well-regulated gaming environment in the United Arab Emirates.

When will the last Mahzooz weekly draw take place prior to the temporary pause?

Mahzooz Weekly Draw will end on the week of 30th December 2023, after which there will be no draw until further notice.

Emirates Draw CPS Many Geos

How will this decision impact existing Mahzooz customers?

Due to the closure of the temporary Mahzooz draw,mahzooz customers are temporarily paused from buying tickets. Your account will remain active from which you can withdraw all winning balance and deposit the balance of your account.

Can customers claim winnings after the pause date?

mahzooz Draw Temporarily Closed On 31st December 2023 You can withdraw your winning balance as of 31st December 2023 or your credited balance at any time with full withdrawals.

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